Our Coffee Story

The relationship with coffee started with our own relationship, which led to our subsequent marriage. Although Coffee in itself had nothing to do with our relationship, Coffee played a huge role in our “feel good” story.

You see years ago, we met accidently, because of Beer. I was young, she was young, and I was in the army she was in school. Her school was holding an annual School fete, at the town Stadium. I was in the Army Band, and the Band were contributing to the festivities. So the Band had its turn on the field, afterwards some of the locals invited us to the beer tent. After a beer or two, we were all in a jovial mood.

We went to sit on the stadium stands, I was rather outspoken and loud, I think. I heard this girl laugh and turned around and there she was. Well that was tickets for me. Eventually I had to go home, as my national duty was complete. A year later she called our relationship a day.

Skipping a couple of years along, divorce and kids with it, I got invited to Australia, Melbourne, where she was residing.  I went to visit, and once again, tickets for me.

This time around she came to me, back to South Africa. Well, you say, what has this got to do with Coffee? If you haven’t been to Australia, you don’t know coffee. They drink coffee everywhere, No-one walks around without a coffee in the hand. Being a Barista is a highly sought after occupation on “Austraia”!

People, the only way I could survive in South Africa, with an Australian wife, is to make my own coffee!  I had to buy a coffee machine, we had to try various blends from various manufacturers. Now we are making coffee, how we like it.

So what we have learnt in this process, is that Coffee is good feelings in a cup. We learnt that taste differ, that coffee is an art, it is in the hands of your own experiences, it tastes like you feel. It makes you feel better when you are feeling good, it makes you feel good when you are up, when you are down, and it is those warm, hugging, arms around you when you are lonely, sad, down. It is that sharpened sensation when you need to hit the home-run winning idea ion the boardroom. It gives you the edge.

So what is a great coffee?  It is in the feeling, it is in the bean, in the roasting, the smell of the brewing process. It is in the conversation, in the song, the togetherness and sense of belong, the homeliness. It is what you want it to be!

We want to make a coffee, how you like it, so feel free to contact us, we want to roaster a coffee, to how coffee makes you feel, to how you like it!

cuppa coffee roasters - image